Known as the “Strawberry village” in Møre og Romsdal

The hotel is located on the tourist route between two of Norway’s most famous tourist destinations; Geiranger and Trollstigen, right in the center of Valldal. The hotel is located at the very end of Valldøla, with a fantastic view over the Norddalsfjorden and Syltefjellet, where we can see the mark of the “serpent” in the mountain. In the legend, the snake was thrown into the mountain after battle by Olav the Holy in the battle in 1029.

Beautiful Valldal

Valldal, known as the strawberry village in Møre and Romsdal. Valldal is a valley road that starts at the top of the National Tourist Route Trollstigen – Geiranger.

The valley is approx. 30 km. long and ends at the fjord, an arm of Storfjorden, with Tafjorden in one direction and Synnylvsfjorden – Geirangerfjorden opposite. The road over the mountain to Romsdalen has been important for centuries, first as a trade route, long before the tourists arrived.

The Trollstigvegen as it is today was officially opened by King Haakon 7 in 1936. Valldal is historically known as the place where Olav the Holy landed in the winter of 1029 and his journey continued up the valley and over the mountain to Dovre. Valldal and the Tafjord area are part of the World Heritage Site together with Geiranger.