Restaurant “Heilage Olav”

Uptil 60 persons

The hotel’s restaurant is nicely located in the middle of the hotel and has large windows with a view of the fjord and the mountains. Restaurant Heilag Olav is decorated with art and a rare stone collection from the area.
In the summer season, a la carte is served daily from around 18:00 – 22:00. Otherwise, we are happy to open for parties, anniversaries, meetings, courses and kick-off events.

Party and anniversary

Several rooms

We have long and good experience in arranging any festive occasion. In the restaurant there is room for approximately 60 guests and in Granat Linge 24 guests at the steering table.

The lounge


Our new and very special building can finally be put into use. The lounge, which is next to the restaurant, has a fantastic starry sky and large floor-to-ceiling windows that give you a lovely view of the fjord and the mountains. The interior is beautiful with furniture, lamps and art that harmonize in beautiful and harmonious colours.

The lounge in Valldal Fjordhotell

In beautiful surroundings

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea is an old tradition with roots all the way back to the 19th century.
Experience this tradition with us at Valldal Fjordhotell!
Remember to pre-order.

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